Crying in the Wilderness: Essays Public and Private



Table of Contents


Reclaiming the Author, Recovering the Text: ITS [Sic] TIME      3
Dave Etter, “Stubby Payne: Stocking Tops”     19     
Meridel Le Sueuer Reconsidered          29
Jubilee College: Bishop Chase’s School of the Prophets              43
Kenneth Patchen, Norbert Blei: Literary Text as Graphic Form        61
Sgt. Pepper’s: The Beatles’ Waste Land      83
Dr. Seuss at 4 and 64: An Introduction    113

Life in Postmodern Academia

Freshman Comp.: What Is This Shit?     127
Junk-bonding the Canon     138
Poetry, Pedagogy, and Popular Music: Renegade Reflections     167
When Students Make Sexual Advances    187
Deconstructing Sexual Harassment        193
And Now, Non-Sexual Harassment        231
Speech Cops on Patrol     237


What’s Midwestern about Midwestern Literature?     253
Ronald Reagan’s Eureka     275
Peoria, Illinois, 1974     285
Summerfest, Minnesota—Y2K      295
Bill Holm: Playing His Own Song     305
Hanley Falls: The Rituals of Community     315
Thursday, 5 November 2014: Country Bob Plays the Orpheum    325



Rabbit Runs the Grand Tour: A 1975 European Fable    339
Poland, 1990: Urban Landscape with Student Party      361
29 Źrodłowa, 1989-91: Home      368
Berlin Graffiti, 1994: This Is Art, and You Are an Art Historian     379
Saving Soviet Medals (and Other Fragments of a Lost Empire)     387
Ulaanbaatar, 2003: Small Casualties of War      402
Mongolia, 2003: Getting Out      406

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