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Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky

Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky, a reprint of beloved South Dakota poet and writer Linda Hasselstrom’s Dakota Bones, including 50 new poems, reveals the breadth and scope of a keen poetic eye and sensibility, capturing the quotidian rhythms of multigenerational South Dakota ranch life. Hasselstrom’s is a muscular music sculpted by wind and marked by the percussion of hooves, rising into a powerful choir of plainsong. —Lee Ann Roripaugh, South Dakota Poet Laureate, Author of Dandarians

In Dakota: Bones, Grass, Sky, Linda M. Hasselstrom gifts us with vision rooted on the wind-swept high plains, reminds us of the connection between humans and nature in clear-eyed poems that wrestle with fear, regret, loss, gratitude, love, friendship, and the fragility of happiness. —Twyla M. Hansen, Nebraska State Poet, Author of Rock · Tree · Bird

Bones of Brick and Mortar

Crying in the Wilderness: Essays Public and Private

Here I Stand: The Education of David Pichaske

David Pichaske is Professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University. He is editor-publisher of Spoon River Poetry Press and Ellis Press, and the author of many articles and books of his own, including collections of poetry, travel books, literary criticism, and works related to Midwest literature and themes.

Pichaske's latest books are two 420-page paperbacks.  One is a memoir titled Here I Stand: The Education of David Pichaske.  The other is a collection of essays unpublished or previously published in hard-to-find places titled Crying in the Wilderness: Essays Public and Private. Readers, especially those who grew up in the Sixties and those who teach, will recognize a lot of themselves in the words of these books.

bones crying stand


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